SG STATS - Never has a post analysis been so fast!


SG STATS - Never has a post analysis been so fast!

By Seegene Germany (Dr. Lara Kricks and Rocío Castro Álvarez)
22 Dec, 2023


In laboratories in which infections are analyzed by PCR routinely, the subsequent post analysis of PCR test has several advantages. It becomes even more interesting, if several targets are detected in one single PCR reaction, as it is the case for multiplex PCR Assays. With SG STATS, Seegene offers a tool to summarize the data obtained with Seegene’s Multiplex PCR Assays and convert them into compelling diagrams without much extra work.

  • What is SG STATS?

    SG STATS is a cloud-based statistical analysis platform for managing PCR data obtained from Seegene multiplex assays. The program converts the uploaded data into compelling graphics. Thus, e.g., the prevalence of certain infections can be monitored. The time interval and the number of infections, which will be displayed can be adjusted at any time. The graph itself, i.e., how the data is displayed, can be customized and e.g., the graph type or graph labeling can be easily modified according to user preferences.

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  • Advantages of using SG STATS

    • SG STATS helps you obtaining a great overview of your controls: the Internal Control (IC) as whole process control, the Positive (PC) and Negative Control (NC). This way e.g., contaminations can be detected in time, and it can also be effectively determined whether the extraction has worked correctly.
    • With SG STATS, you can easily monitor the prevalence of infectious diseases and manage unexpected outbreaks at an early stage. Additionally, the provided Ct value and single vs co-infection features allow you to gain additional insights that were not visible from individual data.
    • Co-infection analysis reduces customer time-consuming tasks. With a simple click, you can identify information regarding the correlation between pathogens and Ct patterns.
    • By visualizing your PCR data with SG STATS, you can identify possible mutations or recognize infection trends early. Furthermore, the evolution of seasonal pathogens like, SARS-CoV-2 can be discovered this way.
    • Uploaded data are summarized in a global map chart. Like this, you obtain an overview of pathogens that do not have to be officially reported and the global situation of various pathogens.
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  • We asked two of our current SG STATS users, one from the diagnostic area and one from research for their opinion about SG STATS:

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  • These customer opinions nicely display the advantages that come with the use of SG STATS for your lab in research and diagnostic. 

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