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repiratory disease and the need for routine testing



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Seegene In-Life PCR : New era of molecular diagnostics for a healthy daily life

Seegene In-Life PCR is a proactive testing to keep communities safe

The test is made available at a significantly lowered cost and in proximity so that anyone can get an access to PCR when in need. Starting with respiratory, Seegene In-Life PCR will be expanded to other fields. Go on enjoying your healthy and active life with a peace of mind using Seegene In-Life PCR!


Global Cases of In-Life PCR

Preparing and executing more than 10 global “In-Life” diagnosis
projects to promote Regular molecular diagnosis testing

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Allplex™ NG & DR Assay
multiplex real-time PCR assay that can accurately detect NG and drug resistance (Azithromycin,Ciprofloxacin) with a single test, and NG supplementary test is possible according to the WHO test guideline. It can also be used with Seegene’s other STI assay to provide informative STI screening.